Airtel USSD codes 2G/3G/4G/5G 2024


Airtel USSD codes 2023

Hello, guys. Are you an Airtel user? Oh, shit, if not, why you will choose this. Airtel is India’s largest network nowadays. Once, the cost of this network was very high, but to compete with other operators, it’s getting very cheap with many offers and much-benefited packs. But the problem comes when we have to use these all-new packs and when the balance is we face problems.

I’m not only saying that for the main balance, we can also use all USSD codes to check the net balance, SMS balance, and much more packs we need and deserve if you are facing any problems with checking the balance. I have given the list of Airtel USSD codes used daily.

I have placed below the article to check the balance of mainSMSdata, central, and offers on Airtel prepaid and postpaid in a detailed description—GB Whatsapp’s latest version.

airtel ussd codes

We have all Airtel USSD codes for balance checks, so we did not have any comparison with the other operators. So it is better to know them, and you can get them below.


What are USSD Codes? (unstructured supplementary service data)

USSD is nothing but a short form to know about your balance, and I have given the short abbreviation for it in the above line to explain it.

There is nothing much with it we can check our balance with a simple app called trueblanace and we can money with that app by sharing or it can be said as inviting a new user to use it and then we get money 10rs and our friend will get 10rs as a refund for downloading and using the app. Amazing Whatsapp DP collection.

These stand for unstructured supplementary service data. It just works as protocol and is filled with most of the rules and instructions if and only if we can use it with a particular code of your selected operator.

Airtel most commonly used USSD codes.

It means not only the most common to us, it means that these are the important USSD codes to know for basic options for an operator user. We have USSD codes to check the balance, and we have an app called true balance; we can check our balance in my Airtel app by getting into it. For Airtel users, there is no cost for using the Wynk music app, and we can download and play when we don’t have any internet in the offline mode.

Airtel main account balance check code *123# OR *121# OR *111#
Airtel own mobile number check *111# OR *282# OR *1#
to activate 3G and 4G service 3G/4G to 121
Airtel create my pack( my pack check code) *129# and select 4
Airtel special offer (check code) *121# and proceed to 3
Airtel 3G mobile chech internet balance(check code) *121# and proceed to 6
Airtel best offers check(New best offers) Dial *121# and select the option 4
Airtel SIM number *282#
Airtel loan number Dial *140#
Airtel balance transfer code(transfer code is valid for airtel to airtel only) Dial *141#

Airtel 0USSD codes to check balance(Data, SMS, loan, Offers):

These are all the USSD codes to check the balance on your phone; we’d check our balance on another phone g the same USSD code. We can check their balance on their phone because every number has a different number and different offers.

121*6# OR Call on 8130081300 From your Registered number


We verify all the Airtel USSD codes. If you have any problem, please post the comments in the comment box.

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